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About Wine-Host

Wine Host is a website providing items to help you enjoy wine. We help you store and serve wine in the best possible manner. Everything from wine racks to corkscrews and chiller jackets.


The history of the name lies with the raconteur and socialite Count Wilhelm Host, who decided to create a range of items for everyone when one of his legendary wine parties went disastrously wrong.


Ve could not find the corkscrew and then the white wine was being served up warm. It did not go down well with the local flappers I vill have you know. You might call it a screw up if you were rude.


Mein host was determined that the disaster should never be repeated and that everything would go ‘Wunderbar’ or ‘Vine der bar’. The result is this eclectic but very practical range of items.


Enjoy your vines and elevate the humble serf to squire or squire to knight by serving wine in the best way.


Order your wine host items in total confidence, they have been tested fully at my famous parties… exhaustively... phew!


Vank you my friends.


Count Wilhelm Host

Count Wilhelm Host

Count-Wilhelm signature

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